Bilingual ebooks

The Language Processing Group ( at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is involved in a project for the automatic creation of bilingual electronic books. The books are created from literary works and translations in the public domain from Wikisource. Books are automatically aligned using Hunalign so each paragraph in
the original version is linked with the corresponding translation. In this way, the user can read the original version and consult the translation at any moment. We hope this kind of books will promote reading in the original. All the books are published in html, epub and mobi so they can be read in the most popular devices. The project is in a very initial stage and we are looking for foundings.

At the moment we have published three titles:

– The adventures of Sherlock Holmes of Arthur Conan Doyle in English and Spanish
– Les trois mousquetaires of Alexandre Dumas in French and Spanish
– Igrok of Dostojevsky in Russian and Spanish

All these books are freely available in

In the future the books will include the audio from the human reading of the original version, in the cases this is available in LibriVox (

For further questions, please contact us in