TES (Terminology Extraction Suite): New Distribution for Windows

TES is an open source terminology extraction application specially designed and developed for our postgraduate course in Translation and Technologies. Nevertheless, the tool can be successfully used in professional translation environments.

The tools is written in Perl and uses the Tk graphical libraries. This means than additional software and packages must be installed in your computer in order to run the application. This process is well described in the manuals, but the process often leads to errors, specially under Windows. For this reason we have prepared a new distribution for Windows. The distribution contains all the required software and packages to run the application. To start TES you only have to download the zip file, uncompress it in any folder of your choice and double click in TES-Wizard.exe (if you want to calculate term candidates) or in TES-Editor.exe (if you want to edit them and calculate translation equivalents).

You can download the Windows distribution from: http://lpg.uoc.edu/TES/TES-09.03-win.zip

The source distribution suitable for Linux, Mac and Windows (some additional software and packages are required) can be downloaded from: http://lpg.uoc.edu/TES/TES-09.03.zip

TES is free software, so you can download it, use it and redistribute it among your colleagues and friends.